I Religiously Use: Clarins Double Serum

Oh my…Oh my what would I ever do without you?

Ok. Yes. I know what everyone is thinking. What is she doing with a Anti-aging serum at the fragile age of 19. Well I have three reasons:

  • Firstly, at the age of 17/18 I adapted the mentally where I thought “Hey, why only later should I concern with wrinkles when I can prevent it now and take the necessary steps to minimize the effect of aging.

  • Secondly, my family has a really bad history of acne which unfortunately affected me, luckily due to Oretane it cleared up but still I was left with light scars, so maybe anti aging would help.

  • Thirdly, I have this terrible habit of frowning, especially when I am concentrating, and I am a law student…so you can think

This serum from Clarins is absolutely amazing, I was completely shocked with the results it gave me within the first few days. Most serums I have used before tend to leave my skin very sticky and oily but this baby absorbs into my skin in less than 15 seconds after which of course I would apply moisturizer.

This is definitely one product I cannot live without as I have seen tremendous improvements in my acne scars aswell as my frown lines.

What can I say? Thank you Clarins.

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