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This would be my first blog post and I must admit I was quiet confused as to choose a theme for this post nor did I know where to actually start.

It is quiet obvious that this blog would mostly be about beauty, I just feel the need to add in it would not only contain beauty but just themes of life in general.

I really felt the need to make this first post unique because their are so many beauty pages and they all start out the same (different people-same blog). So that had me thinking, a blog is a little piece of art where you portray yourself and who you are to the world, no matter what type of blog it is. What inspired me? What will make me that one of a kind beauty blog that traffic the people to my site? What are my other passions that create a fire in my soul to which I can connect with beauty?


Yes I know…it is logical that literature about make up would be rather cheesy I would say, so how can it possibly connect.

Scrolling through your news feed on Facebook you see all these pictures with their little philosophical sayings (you all know what I am talking about, right?) and I remembered. It hit me like a bolt of lightning…

“The Best make up a girl can wear is a smile” – Unknown

A Beautiful smile can never be forgotten – by   Rohit Sapra

She smiles in a way so beautiful
A beautiful smile she possesses
Smiles she does
Does smile as it is an expression.
She smiles with such a grace
Is true beauty of this wonderful person
Who really deserves to keep on smiling
As an amazing person, who is truly caring, should never ever be sad.

For those who did read the post, I am truly grateful that you took the time, and I hope it lured a sense of curiosity towards my page.

Yours Truly

Liza xxo (The South African Barbie)

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