How to be a Barbie.

Be a Role Model

 Be nice, set a bit of time aside to volunteer for a good cause, and always have a cheerful attitude and a smile.

Wear your Make Up Correctly

Barbie wears mostly eye shadow, mascara, and blush, so you might even be able to get away with a more natural look.

  • Set your face with a translucent powder.
  • Wear mascara, which is key to the Barbie look; apply fake eyelashes if you want to. Wear feminine eyeshadow colours like pink, light blue, purple, etc. Eyeliner is purely optional, though you can brighten your eyes by applying white eyeliner in your water line. Just remember to never get stuck in the black eyeliner rut. Experiment with colors; navy blue, for example, looks amazing with any skin tone.
  • For your lips, apply a good moisturizing lip balm, then proceed to apply a pink lipstick or lipgloss. Once you have done this, get your concealer and, using a brush, make perfectly shaped lips: outline your lips in concealer (the harder the edge, the better), accentuate the cupids bow, and blend the concealer in.
  • Even out your skin with a nice foundation. Flawless skin is a must.
  • True Barbie girls never forget blush. Make sure its a natural color (pinks, reds, maroons); Bronzes, browns, and golds always look good on brown skin tones and make fairer skin look tan. Soft sultry full lips pull the look altogether.




Take Extra care off your Hair

It needs to stay clean and neat always. Lots of body and shine are a must, but avoid letting it become greasy. If you have curls, style them; having perfectly straight blonde hair isn’t a requirement, as Barbie has had every possible kind of hairstyle

Have Charisma

Barbie isn’t mean; she is friendly, kind, and caring. Personality is the key to success if you want to be like Barbie. Make conversation, smile, compliment others, and have confidence in yourself. Confidence can be displayed by the way you talk, walk or appear, so make sure you look approachable and have great posture as well.

Be Ambitious

There’s nothing Barbie hasn’t tried her hand at; she even ran for president in 2004. Ask your boss for a raise, try to get into an Ivy League school, start your own business, and follow your dreams.

Be Outgoing and Flirty

Barbie has no fear of going out and talking to people. Develop self-esteem, get more friends, and have faith in yourself

Keep Yourself Occupied

Be sure you always have something to do by making plans with friends; whenever people ask you if you did anything interesting over the weekend, you should always have an exciting answer. Engaging in activities also develops your Talents. Like I did Belly Dancing and Boxing. a Good way to keep things interesting. Sexy but Badass.

Remember your VALUES

This post is not the definition of a Barbie, Barbie just happens to be my alter ego since I could walk, and still as old as I am I will irritate my parents and friends continuously with that song. I strongly believe in the natural and realistic Barbie although I had my boobies enhanced I know some would say it is a paradox but it was for me. The most important thing of being a true Barbie is having a true and beautiful character everything else will come naturally.




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