New Releases Essence Cosmetics March 2015

Essens release March

New Release March 2015

I was so excited when I went onto the Essence webpage and I saw the amazing products that are going to release soon in South Africa on the 9th of March 2015. The style Trending would be about nudes, a trend that I truly adore.

Essence “all about: Chocolates”

I am so Happy about this little Pallette – Once again Essence releases another “All About” palette which makes me super happy.

Essence Quattro: crème de la crème

I am seriously the biggest fan on the Quattro Shadows and Damn look how absolutely fine this one is, packed with light, creamy pinks.

Lash princess false lash effect mascara

The Royal sister has arrived

Lash base mascara

This will be Essence first base coat for lashes, you apply this product and it will make your lashes fuller and longer.

XXXL nude lipgloss 03 taste the sweets

Like I Said, everything is nude inspired and I can’t wait to but this lipgloss and try it out, really hope it matches my skin tone because I really like this shade.

Longlasting lipstick 16 I am yours

The same applies here like it did for the Lipgloss. Please let this shade match my Skintone!!!!

I love TRENDS nail polish the nudes: 02 i nude it and 08 crunchy cake

I really like the effect of nude nail polishes as it gives a really feminine soft sense so although I only buy quick dry, I am definitely going to purchase these two.

I am really exited for all these products. it is going to be so Amazingly Nude.


all Essence products RSA are available at clicks and Dischem Nationwide.
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