{a Good Nights Sleep}


As a beauty blogger beauty sleep is really important to me especially when I am so busy working, blogging and studying, the following products helps me to relax my mind so I can actually achieve a Goodnights sleep. You will notice that most of the products are Lavender, it is because Lavender is a very good aroma to help you relax and blissfully slip into dreamland.

  1.  Classic Lavender Candle, Woolworths. R29.95 – Creates atmosphere for relaxation
  2. Silk Touch Blanket, @Home. R699.00 – I adore the texture of mega soft texture on my skin
  3. Dreams PJ’s, Mr.Price. R79.95 – For summer this is perfect and light keeping you cool and room temperature
  4. Oh So Heavenly Foaming silk, Clicks. R30-R40. Again Lavender, this product leaves your skin all smooth.
  5. Cup of Tea, @Home(cup) R19.99 & Tea(any grocery shop) – Tea help me to quickly fall asleep, like really quickly.
  6. Tin Soaps in White Tea and Ylang, Woolworths R75.00. The smells are absolutely  great when taking your hot bath.
  7. Washer, Woolworths R25.00, I prefer these over normal cloths as the make more foam allowing the fragrances to properly absorb into my skin.

Well their is my list, all short and sweet. These are the things that will get me all relaxed and prepped for bed after a long day at work. When considering your sleeping habits, Aroma and Atmosphere play a very important part.

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