The Boys Picks {Part 1}


Hey Barbies….I know I have been so quiet lately but damn life can get hectic. I had this super cute idea because I work with so much men and take so much relationship advice from them why not listen what they have to say about girls and makeup. So basically what I am going to do is give them my vanity case and they have to choose 2 products which really attracted them and basically just have some beauty conversation about what they like and dislike. So here we go

My First Boy….Clayton

The first man I will be using for this series of post is Clayton a designer at my work, he is a sexy single South African who has the opportunity now to really concentrate on the ladies.


So this is Clayton……And he Chose the Following:

Essence – I Love Punk Jumbo Eyeliner pen and Elizabeth Arden No.31 Breathless Lipstick

Why did you pick these two Products?  The packaging from the jumbo liner really attracted me, the colour of black is simple but then the splash of pink makes it exciting, the Elizabeth Arden lipstick had a lighter, natural shade which I liked in compared to the darker shades.

What do you Love most about girls and Makeup? It shows their natural features more and it makes them more confident……(pause) it brings out their best qualities.

What do you hate most about girls and Makeup? When they do it all wrong, Guys do actually notice when a girl knows how to apply the stuff and when they are really misguided. Also when girls over do it. for example I knew a girl who looked absolutely stunning with makeup and it was applied to perfection but damn when that makeup came off…lets just say I was shocked.

The Natural look or stage makeup? It all depends…mostly I like when a girl looks natural but sometimes I do appreciate a sultry eye.

What would be your fave? Sexy Eyes or Lips? Eyes…But it depends…F*** no Eyes, Eyes are sexy.

So Barbies that is it for the first part, I really hope you liked it and that you did find it interesting…its always good to have a mans point off view.

Till Next time

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