Barbie BFF: Meet Robbie

Ok so this is more of a personal post but I would really like you guys to meet one of the rocks in my life…Robbie, me and Robbie were actually in a relationship for three years until I decided to break it down…a few months after we realized we still needed each other only not in that intimate way and I mean how do you just scratch of someone that knows you as a whole with every mistake and still accepts you. We shared the most important years of my life together and I am not willing to throw that away…now some of you might think how Piotr reacts to this but the truth is he must just accept it because yet again Robbie knows me like no one else would and he is my biggest supporter he has been through everything with me…so if you accept that or you leave…

Me and Robbie decided to do a Q&A so the blue is Robbie’s Q&A’s and the pink is obviously mine…

Ladies First.

What is our most memorable memory?

Our Fifth month anniversary….I gave you a Guess necklace and you sent me on a treasure hunt which lead to a romantic date

What is the biggest moment that happened in our relationship?

When we decided to tell my dad we are inlove ( Robbie Worked for him) and he gave us consent. We went to the movies (Action Movie) you were not the most romantic but cute.

What do you prefer more about being friends?

We can share more feelings and be more honest with judgement and consequences that you would normally have in a relationship…it is easier for me to say the jean makes you look fat or more like you make that jean look fat.

What is the Best and Worst present I have ever given you?

The best would have to be the lovely Guess handbag I am still using to this day and the worst would have to be that glitter gel Eyeshadow you bought me which barely pigmented any glitter lol. (Note: it was his first time buying Makeup)

What is your opinion about my driving?

Well I taught you how to drive…I was quiet scary…well more terrifying but I got used to it, you still drive like you own the road, if somebody does not do something you like….WARNING: Road Rage.

What do you miss most about living together?

Mistakenly grabbing a pair of your socks…walking the entire day with my toes sticking out because they had holes in them.

What is the biggest thing in life I taught you?

a sense of self worth.

What is the biggest thing in life I taught you?

Learning me that I can be great in anything without needing to here it from anybody else.

That is it from us…if you do have any questions please feel free to ask Barbie

I Love you all and Thanks for the support


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