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OMG Barbies…do you believe this or am I just a little behind time? As I scrolled on I came across these face brushes from Foreo. As I went on the site I noticed that these little angels are quiet expensive so I would just have to save up or wait for my birthday but anyways here is some more info on this Futuristic way of skincare.

The Luna

This is the orginal pulsating brush and comes in 3 models to cater for specific skin types namely: Sensitive to normal, Combination and ultra sensitive. It has 8000 pulsations and unclogs 99.5% of pores from oil and dirt as well as removes 98.5% of makeup. The cherry on top? it even has a Anti Aging Mode. It is made with extra soft silicone making it usable for twice a day as well as making it 35 times more hygienic. You have to charge it tough but a single full charge and you can use this angel up to 450 times. You can own this baby for R2790 or $230 more or less

other products in the range:

The Luna Mini

Small size – Big Results. The functions are exactly the same as the normal Luna but this comes in 5 different colours and it is travel sized for R1900 or $170 more or less

Luna for Men

It has also the same features but also acts as the best pre shaving device as it conditions the skin for a closer shave. The price is also the same as a normal Luna for Woman. Perfect birthday gift.

Luna Luxe


This is the Bentley of the Luna’s from R90 000 or $8600 for woman and R125 000 or $12000 for men what makes this Luna so special…I do not is Foreo’s definition “The value of the LUNA™ GOLD goes far beyond its captivating design; its stunning appearance is surpassed only by the spectacular enhancements it offers the skin. It is this combination of timeless design with revolutionary technology that reinforces FOREO’s vision that beauty systems can themselves be objects of beauty. Bringing an entirely new level of sophistication to skincare, the LUNA™ GOLD bestows the complexion with pure luminance touched with luxury.”

Their you go Barbies. The new revolution of Skincare.

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