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PSX_20150216_131722Oh my gosh guys…I Know I have been so quiet recently and that it really does not have a very great effect on my blog. I have just really been so busy lately and yes, I know its not an excuse but here’s just a quick update on my Life.

1. This is my Mani at the moment and I am sooo proud of myself as I am really starting to get the hang of this nail art thing. Please excuse the dry cuticles.

2. I am not very much of a person that likes swimming, which is really weird coming from a South African girl since we have the most amazing weather, but I am just not that into it. Guess what…this weekend I decided to splash around in the pool and damn it felt amazing

PSX_20150215_170226 PSX_20150215_170252

3. I need to find a apartment in 2 weeks…which is really difficult in South Africa – Johannesburg as their are 50 people looking to rent for every 1 apartment that is available. So looking for a nest has been consuming all of my time but I am really exited about the change.

4. I learned how to cook up some polish cuisine…which taste amazing. I might as well learn since I am dating a pole.

5. One room in my Apartment will be totally dedicated to my studies and blog….Yay me. I am so exited as I can now focus more on my blog….and studies.

6. Just look at this amazing view I witnessed yesterday as me and Piotr sipped on some tea and ate chocolate pudding, it was amazing as w had great conversation added.


That’s is from me Barbies. I know it has been short but I am so limited with time. I just cannot wait to get my life back to normal again.

I do have some great posts uplined I just wish I had more time.

Xxo Liza

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