Paul Mitchell Color Care – First Impressions


Ok so by now most of my readers will know that I am subscribed to the Testbox, which is a monthly subscription box that lets you test the latest products in the hair industry, you can subscribe Here

In my June test box I received Paul Mitchell products and Oh My was I surprised by the sizes they gave us this month. I received the following:

  • Paul Mitchell Colour Protect Shampoo 100ml
  • Paul Mitchell Colour Protect Conditioner 100ml
  • Paul Mitchell Colour Protect Leave in Spray 100ml

So that was quiet an impressive box I must say…I washed and treated my hair now two times with these items but felt I could have reviewed it from the first wash.


I was a little disappointed in the shampoo…I did not foam at all, yes I know that just because a shampoo doesn’t foam does not mean it is not good quality but this did nothing, and forget the saying of a little goes a long way…because I literally had to squeeze on more shampoo 3 times until I was satisfied.

I really thought I did not like this range but the conditioner and leave in spray came to the rescue. The conditioner which I only used a little off fully detangled my hair without a problem and left it smooth and feeling well treated, so that made up for the shampoo.

Just before drying my hair I sprayed about 5 spritzes of the leave in spray onto my hair and combed it through so it was applied all evenly. I loved the smell of this spray as it was not to overly sweet but more off a fresh sweet, if that makes any sense, and the sunflower extract should cause hair color to last longer.

So above was only first impressions but the true test for me was how long does my hair stayed clean and so forth?

Well I can tell you, I normally wash my hair two times a week, but this week it will be three times. My hair started going oily after two days which is really a bummer because I do not want to overly wash my hair nor do I want to look like an oil ball, and the conditioner and treatment weighs my hair down leaving me with flat and dull hair, which I really wish it didn’t because it actually a great product in itself.


The Paul Mitchell colour protect range is simply just not for me, it’s not a bad product but just not something that suits my needs, I am quiet disgusted in myself for writing a bad review but hey, I am just a normal blogger that knows not every product you get will be great or heaven on earth but I will stand hand in hand with my moralities but the truth is the truth (Well more my opinion)

Disclaimer: This is in no way aimed at the Testbox, They are a great subscription box who gives the most amazing sized samples with great delivery speed, this was just not a product for me.

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    June 6, 2015 at 12:17 am

    Love the way you approached this review

    • Reply
      June 6, 2015 at 1:25 am

      Thank you Lizna, I was at first a little scared, hehe but I thought to myself to rather give my readers a true opinion because it is logical that not every product is great or that it will work for me…so yeah so the saying goes “Truth is King”

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