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In the last couple of months I have been considering the more healthier option when it comes to my skin, and when I speak of the healthier option I basically mean “Something that doesn’t smother my face”, so any heavy foundation and concealers, because damn…before I would pack that stuff on my face like it was going out of season. I then thought to myself why? at the tender age of 19/20 I should not be doing that to my skin.

The lovely PR ladies that supply Essence sent me a wonderful package containing all types of skincare products, on which more posts are about to come so stay tuned, because this is some great skincare products but for this post I will mainly be focusing on everyday coverage that is not as harsh on our beautiful skins.

The Essence Pureskin Range gives us coverage products that also offers an anti-spot component which gives us the freedom to cover up without risking any breakouts. How amazing is that? The following products are what I use on an everyday basis that gives me a flawless matte look without smothering my face in thick layers of foundation which is really not necessary for me on a everyday basis and can be saved for more special occasions:

  • Essence Pureskin Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel cream
  • Essence Pureskin Anti-Spot Coverstick
  • Essence Pureskin Anti-Spot BB Cream
  • Essence Pureskin Anti-Spot Compact Powder


After I have cleansed my face I apply the Essence Pureskin Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel Cream all over my face and I really loved this product. It gave my skin a refreshing feel and kept it mattifying and shine free for the entire day. I was scared that this might dry out my skin or give me breakouts but after three weeks of using this I had no bad effects, the results were nothing more then pleasing and that for the amazing price of R49.95 what more could a girl want? Beauty on a budget.


After applying my Mattifying Gel Cream I use the Essence Pureskin Anti-Spot Cover stick in 01 Beige to conceal some imperfections, Hey nobodies perfect right? Firstly I will start under my eyes to cover the dark circles and then proceed to cover any other dark spots, acne scars or blemishes. This concealer covers all my imperfections while at the same time fighting against spots and blackheads and also preventing other impurities that may occur. It glides on smoothly and blends like a dream and for only R38.95 BAM! Beauty on a budget.


So now that all my not so perfect spots are covered I move in with the Essence Pureskin Anti-Spot BB cream which retails for R74.95 This BB cream is a lightweight formula which absorbed so quickly leaving me with a natural coverage while moisturing my skin and protecting it against the devilish sunrays, which is both necessary summer and winter. Once you first apply it, it seems a little difficult to blend but as it absorbs it becomes more easier giving your skin a healthy, fresh and clean look. After 2 weeks of using this product my skins texture improved immensely, it was smooth and healthy unlike before where it was dull and not like skin should be at the tender age of 20. I was really happy with the results and the only downside seemed to be the difficulty of blending in the start, but I can live with that, I mean seriously not every product in my life has to be perfect.


The final step in my process to achieve flawless matte skin is setting everything and adding that final touch of cover with the Essence Pureskin Anti-Spot Compact powder. This is definitely one of my Holy Grail products because finally I have found a powder that does not give that caking effect HALLELUJAH. I never thought this day would come, I am so absolutely exited and inlove with this powder and I can simply never go a day without it. Thank heavens for the phenomenal price of R57.95 I never have to worry about this staple running out because it does not break the bank to replace. Yet again it covers and sets everything in place without clogging my pores and it fights against spots and blackheads.


I really love the Pureskin range from Essence as it changed my mindset towards my skin. The products gave me enough coverage for daily use, leaving my freckles to still shine through but not smothering my face everyday with heavy foundations. The bonus about these babies is that they contain Clearderm Complex so that means that they fight spots and blackheads while preventing other impurities that might occur. This range is absolutely perfect the only negative thing I can say is the colour ranges that are available are completely limited to light and medium skin tones, and it breaks my heart that my darker skin toned sisters cannot experience these amazing products but hopefully Essence can soon make a plan to accommodate all types of skin tones, we all deserve a little beauty on a budget especially if you are a full time student like me and working a full time job trying to get life going and maintaining a balance, thanks to Essence we have products that makes life just a little more affordable and easier.

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    Beauty Candy Loves
    June 16, 2015 at 12:15 pm

    I haven’t used any of these Essence products before… Thanks for a great review

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      June 16, 2015 at 1:30 pm

      Should definitely try it…especially for the price

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