Lust List: Crystal Cubes By Cara


If you just simply love and adore your makeup like I do you would know how over protected we are to keep are little pretty things safe and sound. As I scrolled my Instagram feed on Friday afternoon I came about the Crystal Cube Account which had the most stunning pics in their feed about makeup organisers. Gosh these babies are beautiful.

What are Crystal Cubes? They are beautiful see through Perspex makeup organisers and their are 3 different types:

  • The Brush Holder
  • The Lipstick Holder
  • The Three Drawer Makeup Organiser


The Brush holder can hold up to 16 makeup brushes and would also serve great to hold lipliners and eyeliners. This amazing little box retails for only R250.


This has to be my favourite Crystal Cube, and that is the Lipstick Stand, Which can fit up to 30 Lipsticks and would also be great for displaying your nail polishes. I normally always forget what lipsticks I own so this would be great to have them in eye sight everyday. This Crystal Cube Retails for R350 and so worth it.


Saving the best for last…The mother of all Crystal Cubes. The Three Tier Drawer Cube. R1000 for this cube and you could have three drawers to store anything from lipsticks, palletes, single shadows or anything else your heart can imagine. It has Three Drawers with cute crystal knobs and the top stand is open which is perfect for perfumes and creams or any taller objects.

The lovely Cara was so kind to give all my readers a 5% discount on their orders by using the coupon code MISSKARA when placing your order. To place an order or for more information on delivery and so forth feel free to contact Crystal Cubes Via email:

I will most definitely be looking to get a lipstick and brush stand the bigger cube would have to be on my Birthday Wishlist.

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