Burberry Kisses Spring 2015

Luxurious. Opulent. Sumptuous. These are just a few words to describe the Burberry Kisses. These are little lavishly lipsticks from heaven with a new hydrating formula that Burberry released for Spring 2015. These Lipsticks are the absolute definition of Exclusiveness…Lush if I can say. The snugness feeling overcame my heart when my little package all the way from Canada arrived at my office desk from the wonderful Twitter Socialite Mr. Dave Lackie. This amazing man gives new meaning to generous and charitable, he hosts weekly competitions containing exclusive products and giving beauty die hards to house wives all over the world to win something and with the Burberry Kisses he happened to draw my name, otherwise I would have never had these lush lipsticks especially being a student and these retailing for $33. So I am sure you all can understand just how I felt and how grateful I am for having the opportunity to own 2 such beautiful pieces of the 28 shade segment.
Mr. Dave Lackie sent me two breathtaking shades. Rose Pink °33 and Crimson Pink °53 which is a nudey light pale pink and a fiery reddish pink but firsts things first, the Packaging. They come in a silver square tube with a light but eye catching checked pattern, and the Burberry logo written at the bottom. It is very elegant and sophisticated but the best thing has to be the magnetic snap caps. Every carried a lippy in you handbag and the cap came off? No kinds of tragedies with this packaging. Moving towards the physical stick…of lipstick if that makes sense, which also has a checkered pattern engraved on the physical product. Now that had me excited. It’s simply beautiful.

Lets start of with the most subtle shade I have which is Rose Pink °33 and may I say this is such a soft, feminine and elegant colour. This is a perfect nude shade with just enough of a hint of pink and at first I was a little frightened that it might be to pale for me but this colour suited me so beautifully.
As you can see from the swatch above, where you have to really concentrate to see the colour, you would realise just how nude it is. I simply adore this colour.
The Final shade I received was Crimson Pink °53 and as the name suggests it is a Red colour with some pink undertones and my-my is it captivating. It is the perfect shade for those days that you want a splash of colour but not something to dramatic or overwhelming.
I would say this is the ideal Spring Shade. I swatched it quite intensely so it can be toned down if you prefer it a little lighter. Yet again this is just a beautiful colour that is not completely red nor pink, more of a medium pink

These Lipsticks are exceptionally buildable so you can go ahead and experiment the intensity of the colour you wish to achieve. Not only do they have a weightless velvet like texture on the lips but they hydrating formula gives your lips tremendous moisture which my permanently dry lips adore. One swipe gives you an even wash of colour which is slightly glossy but it has a creamy and smooth finish that really does not look cakey or leave your lips feeling heavy.
Overall I am really pleased and yet again so appreciative towards Mr. Dave Lackie for sending me these kisses. I am really hoping to add more of these angels to my collection but hey lets see what the future holds as for now it does not seem very bright as I can’t seem to find any information on these angels in South Africa,  so instead of lusting for it lets rather sit back and appreciate the beauty of it. Until next time,
Lots of Love Liza

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