Essence Blush Up in #10 Heatwave


Hello my Beautiful Barbies I hope you are all doing just absolutely wonderful. I don’t know what has recently gotten in to me but lately I have been heating a real blush phase, it seems to have taken over so if you see a lot of reviews about blush you all know why. With my growing addiction and collection one of my latest buys is this Essence Blush it up in #10 heatwave. Now this has been out for some time now but I swear I am always like the last person to buy new releases or raves but yeah better late then never.


The growing style of Ombre  has made its way to hair and nails and by the looks of it makeup. as you can see this is a pretty pink blush that progresses to a peachy pink colour ending with a final flamboyant orange. Its simply gorgeous and better yet the packaging it transparent, so it makes for a great piece to decorate your dressing table. This product is just vibrant and beautiful and I probably should reach for it more often, but since its winter here its totally understandable but I can see this product becoming a staple in my spring/summer makeup. The pigmentation of this product is phenomenal leaving a pretty matte finish with no trace of sparkles whatsoever. You can also decide to use the blush colours individually or swirl it all together creating a beautiful pink coral shade. The packaging is extremely sturdy and compact making this product ideal for traveling.


Overall I really like this blush giving it a 5 out of 5. I will never buy this product again hehe only because you use so little at a time that this would most probably last me an entire lifetime. It retails for a great price of R67.50 which bring more joy to my heart comparing to the quality. Every girl just simply must own this blush and I am so excited to get the Pink Flow one as well.

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