Calvin Klein: Mineral Based Powder


Well ladies, I think it is pretty clear that my name is Liza and I am a Makeup Addict. So being a student and slowly but surely building up my dream collection I am pretty sure some of you can understand my absolute bliss when I steadily add Designer products such as Calvin Klein to my collection, its not yet Chanel but I am getting there.


Browsing the Biovea site I was over the moon when I found this Calvin Klein Mineral based Loose Powder at a great price of R317 and along with this I purchased the Calvin Klein Lightning Concealer which you will read about a little bit later. Returning to the powder and how great it just is I must say I am a big fan of this sturdy pot. It is elegant and feels exclusive just how a designer product should and not to mention how posh I feel just holding it I my hand.


Upon opening the product awaits a fluffy, poochy, application sponge with a black ribbon and the CK initials imprinted for a comfortable grip. Although I do not use the sponge as it picks up to much product and doesn’t apply it evenly as my powder brush does instead blotching it, I still do keep it around and in the pot as it just completes the luxurious look off the product giving a opulent sight for me to stare at.


I bought this product in the shade xxx and I find it is just a little tanned compared to my wintery pale skin and concluded that with a self tan it suits me better so I think I would be using more of this in Spring/Summer and only in Winter when I am self tanned. The final effect of this powder really gave my skin a Velvet-Satin like texture but what really impressed me was when Piotr asked “Hun, are you wearing new makeup? Your skin feels amazing” I mean common, Boyfriends and Hubbies to not notice these things, only in situations which dramatically change. Point proven, Case closed.

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