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The Gorgeous Leandra from “At a Loss for Words” blog has been running a weekly blog series where once a week she features a Beauty Blogger from the Lovely South Africa. I was lucky enough to get chosen and you can read the article here. Upon answering Leandra’s questions she also required that I should list my Five Favourite Beauty Products and I thought why not do a post on my Five Holy Grail products to date seeing as I already had to complete the difficult task of choosing ONLY five products so I was already 80% done and dusted and all that needed to be done was taking pictures and writing a post. So here are my Five Holy Grail products in no particular order.


My Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte 32 shade palette definitely scored a place as a Holy Grail. If you read my full review I expressly stated that if I have to choose one palette to use for the rest of my life I would choose the beauty. If you haven’t read my review be sure to catch up by clicking here. In a Nutshell great pigmentation, creamy and blendable formula and shades and tones for every mood or occasion from Earthy Naturals, Pinky Peaches, Taupe’s and Olives to Charcoals. Absolute perfection.


Yes, the original “Old School” Lipice is my #1 when it comes to lipcare. Being on extremely strong medication to treat acne that dries out your skin so badly that you have to experience to understand it. Anyways pulsating red, chapped, pained lips became part of my life and even after the medication (5 years later) I to this day suffer with lips that immensely quickly get dried and chapped. So yes I have literally tried every Lipbalm that you can find in a Dischem and the only thing that worked and still does is my R10 Original “Old School” Lipice. Not Labello, Softlips or even the modern Lipice. My knight in shining armor.


One product that has changed my life completely are these Essence Express Dry Drops. In the past doing my manicures at home was one of the biggest challenges as I did not consist of the patience required for nail polish to dry and it always ended up smudging after 30 minutes of waiting and blah blah blah so that lead me to only buying quick dry nail polishes, which limited me to so much beautiful shades. Thanks to Essence that is a closed book and now I can literally paint my nails any shade as it dries completely in 1 minute maximum but sometimes I would stretch it to 2 minutes just to be completely safe. Love this and can’t live without it.


Ok this might seem like a joke but another Holy Grail would be my Travel size Clarins Gloss Prodige Lipgloss in #4 Candy. Have you ever used a Lipgloss or Lipstick and it was like the shade was engineered for you? Well this Clarins Lipgloss in Candy Fits me Like a Glove and although this is a mini it has last me for the last four months now and yes I am slowly but surely starting to panic because the full size is about R400 and ouchie…I am still only a student.



Well I know these are three separate items, well rather one item in three shades. I wouldn’t classify it as cheating and rather easier explained as asking a Mommy to choose between her three kiddies, besides for being near to impossible it is not fair. So yes my absolute must haves are my Essence Lipliners or as I call them: My Nude, My Pink and My Red. You can read more about these creamy, long-lasting and budget friendly Lipliners here.

So there you have it, lightly summarized, my Five Holy Grail Products to this date. These are currently the beauty items I can’t live without and if my house should catch fire now these would be the Beauty Products that I would make sure to firstly grab. As seasons come and go, so will I change and my Holy Grail products will follow but I would be sure to right an updated post as soon as I feel like it is necessary.

So Barbies, What 5 Beauty products would you grab if your house caught fire? I would love to hear what your Five Holy Grail products are, so don’t be shy and drop a comment down below as I would love to hear from you.

Note: Sorry I have been so quiet for a while, had some personal things to sort out, but I am back in action. Happy Spring day

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