Easy Vodka and Malibu JelloShots


Parties are always great and festive and if you are South African you would understand when I say that any braai usually leads to a party and what better way to pump it up and add some excitement then easy jelloshots. Now you can get rather creative with these little party favors but the recipe I will share is super simple and extremely easy, in hand with that I will also quickly share on how to make the classical “Melktertjie” shot.

Jellyshots Vodka


What you need for the JelloShots”

  • Jello
  • 1 Cup Boiling Water
  • 1 Cup Vodka/Malibu
  • 15 Plastic Shot Glasses

I mixed strawberry jello with vodka and the mulberry and peach jello with Malibu and that left me with about 75 shots. Pour the sachet of jello into a bowel followed by a cup of boiling water, stir until fully dissolved then add your cup of alcohol and stir, pour into the shot glasses and refrigerate. Now how easy is that? My favorite has to be the peachy Malibu mixture as it taste so summery and refreshing.

melk 2

What you need for the “Mekltertjies”:

  • 1 can condensed milk
  • 1 can ideal milk
  • 200ml vodka
  • Cinnamon to serve

In a bowel mix the condensed milk and ideal milk thoroughly until its completely liquid, add your 200ml vodka, shake and refrigerate. I used 600ml Vodka, 3 cans of condensed milk and 3 cans of ideal milk and that left me with 2litres of goodness. When ready to serve pour into shot glasses and sprinkle over some cinnamon.


Well their you have it ladies and gents, two super super easy recipes that will guarantee that your party will be anything but dull ensuring to get all the guests relaxed and having a good time. Do you have any recipes to share? I would love to try them out, and if you did happen to use my recipes please leave your thoughts on them.

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