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Lust List: Sormé Makeup


Browsing the internet lately I came across a makeup brand new to me, and seeing as two off my buddy bloggers namely Pieces in Pink and Pretty Messy Mellon blogged about these products I started to investigate a little. “Sormé is the Egyptian name for the natural black ‘Kohl’ substance used by queens and princesses to enhance their eyes; ‘the mirror of the soul.”

What attracted me more to this brand of makeup is how beneficial it was for the skin and better yet cruelty free, I went to the Sorme South Africa site and came across a few products that I was lusting after.


The Brow Highlight pencil would be applied like a normal highlighter in the inner corners and on you brow arch to give you a sexy “lift” – one shade brightens all and this retails for R259.00 I have used something similar to this from benefit and I was really impressed on how it does lift the eyebrows defining them perfectly.


Mineral Botanicals Blush – R309. I really love blush but this one in particular stood out to me. Why? , Paraben Free, Fragrance free and Silicone free, above that it also contains Vitamin E and antioxident Pomegranate to keep skin young and healthy. I would be extatix to own these amazing blushes in the shades “Love” and “Excitement”

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Lip-Thick Plumping Lipgloss – R249 This Lipgloss contains a peptide that stimulate the natural collagen in the lips and recons that lips would be 40% fuller in 30 days. Now I don’t know about you but I am down for Kylie Jenner lips without the injections. “Empress” and “Demure” are two particular shades that stood out to me.


Smearproof Lipliner – R189.00 I have lately been loving lipliners as I find them multitasking to say the least, these from Sormé had me all exited as they are water resistant and filled with Vitamin C and E to help prevent those nasty liplines. “Pure Rose” and “Baby Doll” are my most liked shades.


Perfect Performance Lipcolour – R264.00 These are lipsticks that are dosed with Vitamin E to smooth, protect and moisture your lips, I am sue we all can agree that there is nothing more crippling than a amazing shade lipstick that dries out and chaps your lips I think “Rose” would suit me best.

So that conclude the series of this Lust List and I am sure we can agree that this is a brand of makeup that is beneficial to the skin with 99% of items being Paraben, Talc or Silicone Free. I really found a liking in this brand and would love to test a few of there products out.

*Disclaimer: All photos presented in the blog come from the Sormé Site

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