Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in All About Pink


My blush phase is still strong and going and my mission is still to own all the blush in the world. One of my latest and may I say glorious editions to my blush collection is this gorgeous 8 shade blush palette from Makeup Revolution. The All About Pink Ultra Blush Palette is fit for any Barbie looking like a unicorn vomited delicious, perfect pink liquid in a sturdy black case. I know disgusting right? But oh so beautiful.

Makeup Revolution All About Pink

The palette consists of 6 blushes and 2 highlighters, one golden highlighter and the other silver. The six blushes are all different shades of pink. Peachy pink, Coral pink, Light pink, Potent Barbie like pink, and a Mauve like pink. Basically there is a pink for every mood and style, the world is your oyster. The blushes are extremely well pigmented and all of them so far I had to apply with a very light hand, meaning that I hold my brush at the tip and lightly sweep it on after only very delicately dabbing my brush one time and one time only in the product. Like many Makeup Revolution products it is blendable, buttery powders making it delightfully pleasant using any of their products and the palette is no exception. The packaging meets the basic requirements the triple S’s namely: Sleek, Sophisticated and Sturdy.


My only and very small pet peeve with this palette would be that the shades aren’t named (Beauty Blogger Nightmare). When shades are named it just makes it really easier for us to swatch and refer to but hey nothing I cant work with, so below are the swatches accordingly to the outlay of the palette. I went ahead and named them myself so bare with me:

  • Bare Pink (First shade – Top Left) This shade is extremely light and I would mostly only use it as a highlighter, but for you ladies with the pale skin tones I think it would look very subtle and feminine used as a blush.
  • Peachy Pink (First shade – Bottom Left) This is one of the highly loved shades for me in this palette, most probably because it compliments my skin tone the best. So if you are a medium tone Madame this will be a real stunner.
  • Potent Pink (Second Shade – Top Middle) a girly bright pink which will bring out a happy appearance on even your dullest days.
  • Mauve Pink (Second shade – Bottom Middle) This brownish pink shade is best paired with your night time, more sophisticated makeup looks.
  • Coral Reddish Pink (Third Shade – Top Right) This may be my least desirable shade in the palette. It is still a really beautiful colour but somehow no matter how lightly applied I still end up looking like crusty the clown.
  • Barbie Pink (Third Shade – Bottom Right) Another one of my faves has to be this shade, isn’t it just the perfect Barbie like colour? Feminine and soft, paired with the perfect eye look the result is just flawless, sweet and angelic.
  • Golden Highlights (Final shade – Top Right) Glowing Goddess, need I say more?
  • Silver Highlights (Final Shade – Bottom Right) I use this more to highlight my nose and chin area because on my cheeks with my given skin tone it turns out ashy.


Overall I am really loving this palette and yet again Makeup Revolution has not disappointed. I am so excited to try more of their blush palettes and extend my collection. It is really worth is to have products from Makeup Revolution imported although you wait like forever and pay 50% customs. Look at it as like giving birth, in the end all the pain and suffering is worth it.

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    Rivania Pillay
    September 16, 2015 at 10:19 pm

    This palette is absolutely gorgeous!
    The Glam Unicorn | Beauty Blog

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