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Some of you might know that I have been seriously wanting to do more lifestyle posts on the blog as it makes it a little bit more personal, so I was reasonably excited when AngelBerry had sent me an invite to review their beautiful pink and blue store. May I just add that it was simply a little piece of heaven. AngelBerry is a UK Based frozen yogurt franchise that also serve Italian Gelato (Fancy name for Ice-Cream) but what got me exceptionally keen was the fact that the Frozen Yogurt was made from Stevia. Now what is Stevia you might ask? Well Stevia is derived from a plant making it a natural substitute for sugar, meaning that it is Diabetic friendly and low in calories. Paring this with Low-Fat milk, AngelBerry is perfect for the health conscience person or better described as Guilt Free Pleasures.

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I visited AngelBerry at Shop 21, Kyalami on Main and was pleased at how neat, clean and organized everything was. I was greeted politely and instructed that I could do as I pleased. So firstly I dived into all the Frozen Yogurt and Gelato servers but only took a small tub as I wanted to try a range of the glorious pancakes and smoothies. The flavours of Frozen Yogurt that were available that day was: Bubblegum, Hazelnut Gelato, Natural Greek, Wildberries, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate and Rocky Road Gelato. I filled my tub with Rocky Road Gelato, Hazelnut Gelato, Wildberries Frozen Yogurt and Vanilla Frozen Yogurt. I topped it off with some peaches and Gummy sweets (yes out of all their 100’s off toppings) The Wildberry and Vanilla Fro-Yo had to be my favourite out of the four I tasted. They both had an amazing natural taste and they were significantly smooth.

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After I enjoyed my tub of Frozen Yogurt I dived straight into a decadent chocolate feast pancake which was simply gorgeous.  It consisted of fresh pancakes that was topped with chocolate Fro-Yo, Chocolate Chips and Sauce, finished off with a dash of cream. While waiting for that yummy pancakes to set I took some pictures and played my own tunes. That’s right, they even had a built in jukebox where you can listen to the music of your choice, I found that super cool.

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For the road I decided on taking a Berry Burst smoothie and it was so smooth. It was made up of fresh seasonal berries, natural frozen yogurt and a scoop of high protein whey powder. If the sound of that’s doesn’t tickle your tastebuds I don’t know what will. Overall I had an pleasant experience and will most definitely pay AngelBerry a visit again.

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If you would like to know more about AngelBerry or you would like to know where your nearest AngelBerry is you can find them on the following platforms:

Have you ever tried AngelBerry? Did you enjoy it? Would you like to go? Whatever your experience please share in the comments section below.

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