Turning 20 – Things I Look Forward To


So turning 20 in just few hours makes my heart skip a beat at every thought of it, and instead of getting all depro because I only have like 10 years of my youth left I have compiled a list of things to actually look forward to. So instead of dwelling on it I decide to make the best of the golden final 10.


This is probably the most exciting part for me, and being in the 20’s is really the time where you start forging your future. I am on a complete high when I fantasize about  graduation and finally becoming an attorney, but more of the Legally Blonde Type of attorney though…

Being a Woman

Well since I am out of my -Teens it I am finally shaping up into a woman. With that said being a woman comes with so much, like when something called “serum” has taken over, hair removal is a daily routine and a regular coke becomes like cocaine. Just kidding, but I think being seen as a woman and not a girl is where people start taking you more seriously.

Self Exploration

Learning myself. Some might say but how can you learn yourself when you are yourself….hello, it takes me like three hours to freaking choose a movie to rent out, and I am not joking. This final year I have slowly but surely discovered likes and dislike, bad habits and shitty streaks but hey I am loving it and can’t wait to stumble upon my other bitch streaks.


you might think to yourself, who the F*ck wants to struggle, well I do. With struggle there comes learning and with learning there comes knowledge. I feed of knowledge. So bring the challenges cause I am ready.

What do you look forward to or what was some of the most amazing experiences for you in you 20,s?

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