The Best Summer Facemasks with Freemans

Summer Face Masks

If you are in Johannesburg I am sure by now you have noticed that we are experiencing a drought and one of the worst we have had in a while. With a drought comes dryness and sweat which melts off your makeup and simply clogs up your pores. If you have not noticed their are quite a few big beauty bloggers who rave about Freemans masks especially on their affordability with seeing as to how great these work. I personally have tried and tested a few and I rounded up the ones I use most during this daunting time.

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Freeman’s not only has a range of facemasks but also facial cleansers, foot products and anti aging peptides. They really have a big range with a lot of things to choose from, that being that they were hard at work since 1976 to ensure that beauty is fun, frugal and flirty. Today I will only be sharing my thoughts on 3 of these facemasks and they each go for only R74.95 at your nearest Dischem Pharmacies.

Pomegranate Revealing Peel Off Mask

This Mask can become a real sticky situation. So I would suggest if you are going to be applying any peel off mask from Freemans’s be sure to apply it with a foundation brush and not with your hands. Also you might want to consider not getting to close to your brows or hairline as it can tug at your hair when it is all dried up. If that does happen just refrain from peeling it off around those sections and rinse with luke warm water. The smell of the mask is quite peculiar and far from pomegranate but it does smell fresh and slightly sweet. After peeling of the mask my skin was it was glowing, which is due to the blend off 8 Anti Oxidants that fight off environmental stress (Drought).  My skin felt instantly refreshed after removal and I have really started to love the product.

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Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask

This mask claims to purify and deep cleanse the pores, and that is exactly what it did. I have never been so impressed with a mask especially at its price point. Just a tip when applying any mask that you need to thoroughly massage it into your skin as you would do as if it were a cleanser. There is no point in just slapping on the mask and letting it sit. The rich clay in this mask dives deep into the pores, purging out all the yukiness and dirt while the Vitamin E oil, Avocado Oil and Oatmeal moisturizes your skin for super long softness. The smell of this product is very subtle and pleasant and just to add on it is suitable for all skin types.

Freemans Facemasks

Facial Enzyme Mask – Pineapple

This has to be my favourite out off all the masks as it is a two in one exfoliant and mask and it contains Pineapple extract. I massaged this into my skin, scrubbing away all dead skin cells and stimulating the growth of new ones, left it on for 10 minutes and splashed it off. This is very different from the normal opinion off facemasks as it does not get tight and hard like most do. The smell of this mask is also one that remind me of summer. It left my skin glowing and refreshed.


Down below I squirted out some product for you as to give you an idea as to the consistency of each product. As you can see the Pineapple mask is gelish and watery. The Avocado and oatmeal mask is creamy and thick while the Pomegranate mask is transparent and sticky. All off these masks are suitable for all skintypes which makes it perfect as you can experiment with each and every one.


That concludes the post for my favourite Freeman’s Summer masks. Have you tried any? What is your favourite? Would you be looking to invest in a few of these?

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