Christmas of a Divorced Child


This post is more on a personal note, so if you don’t want to get all emotional I warn to leave now and come back when I blog about beauty again. This will be my second Christmas as a divorced child and as it approaches the thought of it seems daunting to me.

I always had that perfect family where the concept of divorce never even crossed my mind, it rather seemed taboo. I mean they never really fought, everything looked perfect. Yes I was 18 but darn it hit me like hell, my entire world slipped under me and I was at a point where I did not know what will happen of my life now – f*ck I still don’t know. At least my studies got back on track and slowly I am starting to get the hang of things but one thing I will most probably never get the hang off is the festive season.


Last year was terrible – I spent Christmas all alone while House sitting, and dad was with his new in-laws. I never found myself to be a sentimental soul when it came to Christmas or even New Years Eve, but being alone brought a sense of loneliness that is unexplainable.

I just hope this year wont be the same, as it already feels like it is heading in that direction…


But all hail to blogging and boyfriends as those things keep you company in this time, sorry if this was a dreaded post, but sometimes my blog just needs to step back and be a little bit more of Liza.

I hope as time passes that it will become easier, but all that is left is the memories to cling onto when we all were together.

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