14 Days Without Makeup

Without Makeup

So not wearing any makeup for 2 weeks was completely unplanned and only about on the 6th day is when I realized I am going to push it a little more an see how my skin actually transforms, peoples reactions and the effects on my confidence and self perception.

A confident girl doesn’t show of her naked body but a confident girl shows off her naked face.

Difficulty Level

Well I did it for 6 days without merely noticing what I was doing, so I found that the rest of the time was fairly easy. Going to work without it was quite daunting but no comments like “Are you sick?” were noted.

My Skin?

Here is were I noted the big change. I was shocked upon realization at how much makeup actually affected my skin. Yes, sure I knew about the long term effects of wearing makeup but the short term effects are just as cray-cray. On the second day my skin was more smooth and felt more hydrated, here by the 4th day my breakouts cleared completely (and never returned). The final few days it was obvious at how much my skin had actually changed. My redness disappeared, I looked more refreshed and revitalized. The journey has done wonders.

The Looks?

As I mentioned before, no horrid-expected comments like “Are you dying?”, “Are you Sick?”, or “You look different”. As a matter of fact I only received more compliments on how refreshed I looked.


Initially when I thought about not wearing any makeup for 2 weeks would leave me feeling all yucky and manky about myself. Now don’t get me wrong their were the days at office that when I looked in the mirror I felt grossed out, but only for like 5 seconds then I reminded myself *Bitch please, your gorgeous now STFU and go drink your coffee*. I can proudly confess now that I DON’T NEED to wear makeup and that I simply WANT TO. It’s really that simple…


Side Note for the BS haters



Going two weeks without Makeup really did absolutely no harm. In fact I truly felt better about myself the same as I would with makeup. The benefits of not wearing makeup on my skin was shocking. Now hunny, please do not get me wrong I am still a avid lover of makeup and wearing it, I guess I am trying to say is once in every month or three or twelve, give your skin a breather, or don’t. Whatever make you happy.

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