Here’s to 2016…

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Well I know January is sort off almost done and dusted but I really felt the need to write this post, better late then never, Right? I had a great summer vacation with my family and friends, starting out 2016 hopeful, until about the 4the is when I hit turmoil.

But…not getting into that I am still really hopeful for this year and the opportunities it might bring. I am hoping that my blog will grow and strive for success, this little bitch is so hungry for it but all things at its own course.

I am looking that this year to get my stress levels more under control as it can become quiet turbulent. I know the year has only been 22 day long but already I have learnt that managing my stress brings out satisfactory results, lets face it bawling your eyes out about something isn’t going to change it.

Lastly, yes I am keeping the post short, I need to move out and move into a new apartment in 10 days (great challenge for the stress levels). At first I panicked, how is it even possible to find a new roof in 14 days? especially in Johannesburg, but I managed to find to cutest little home yesterday and it’s even closer to work. *Bonus*. So I will definitely be documenting the experience, look at some tips and blog about it.

So here’s to 2016, the disruption, godsend, and all that may come, may I keep my head high and my heels higher ♥


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