Benefits of Cucumber and Lemon Infused Water

Lemon Infused water

So at the start of the year I was really getting stressed about my weight, and the more I read up the more I notice how so many websites and blogs – in its millions hammer on the fact that in order to achieve weight loss you need to drink a crap load of water. Now lets get one thing straight – I Hate Water, and to be quiet honest I don’t know why. I don’t know, it even gives me heartburn. And no I am not crazy, I actually came across a few people who experiences the same.  Nevertheless I think that it became quiet clear to me what I needed to do in order to drop a few KG’s and health up a little.

Welcome Cucumber and Lemon infused water. Now just to be frank I have not drank this cocktail in a month or more, but I can tell you all about the changes that happened to my body when I drank 3 liters religiously for a good 2 months.

What I Noticed:

Energy: My energy levels were booming only after the first few days. I mean what healthier and cheaper option it is in compared with Redbull or even coffee?

My skin cleared up: Yes, this little cocktail rid all redness on my skin and prevented those little pimples we get every now and again. Its quiet easy to understand that this happens especially because cucumbers contain so many anti-oxidants that flush out any ugliness our bodies contain.

Doughnut. What Doughnut?: Yes this little mixture curbed my appetite like crazy. Not that I eat a lot, in fact I eat less then I should but I am a BIG binger. So this came in really handy on the days I felt like binging and stuffing my face with everything I see.

Long Term effects that you Don’t see immediately.

Now Lemon and Cucumber water also have other great long term benefits that you don’t encounter immediately.

Blood Pressure: Now I don’t think that I have any problems with my blood pressure but I thik if in futures time I should encounter any problems this infused recipe will come to the rescue. All because of the 4% Potassium that cucumber contain.

Anti-Cancer: Cucumber contain promising anti-cancer benefits and incorporated into your lifestyle you can help avoid the disease.

Buh-Bye expensive anti-aging creams: YES – and this has to be my favourite benefit of all. Cucumber contain silica, which basically promotes suppleness to the skin. The anti-oxidants in both lemons and cucumbers also aid as an anti-aging benefit.

Alkalizes the Body: Disease cannot thrive in an alkalized body. Lemons and cucumbers are alkaline forming foods that will help your body to function at its optimal level. A balanced pH is everything if you want to stay healthy.

WOW – now isn’t that a mouth full. These are only a hand full of benefits that you can accumulate from drinking Lemon and Cucumber infused water, and with so many great benefits and being so inexpensive this is definitely a winner. How to make it? In a 1 liter bottle add half a medium lemon and about 6cm of a sliced cucumber and Bobs your uncle. Easy right?

I think from now on it’s time to start drink this cocktail again religiously because I don’t see a reason as why not too?

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