Self Tan Preparation with Caribbean Tan

Self Tan Preparation

Slowly but surely the colder seasons are starting to approach the southern hemisphere and as the air gets cooler I notice how my tan from this past summer is starting to fade. Luckily thanks to whoever invented sunless tanning I can still maintain a bronzy gold look throughout Autumn and Winter. Now there are hundreds of sunless tanning products and brands and personally I believe it is all about an individual preference of to what they use, such as a spray or a mousse and from what brand.

My go to brand has to be Caribbean Tan, they have an extremely wide range of tanners to choose from, they are affordable and that don’t leave you with that peculiar smell that most self tan products tend to do. Regardless of what brand or product of self-tanner you use  their are a few steps that always need to be complied with before hand to ensure the longlivity and flawless application of your tan.

Now the products I future are both from Caribbean Tan, because as I mentioned before, they are my go-to brand but you can literally use any brand you like or prefer, just be sure to follow these steps before applying your product.


Well first things first, you need to shave, wax, or whatever form of hair removal you prefer the day before. I prefer to shave, because any form of hair removal that doesn’t include a razor blade frightens me. It is very important that you shave the day before because if you do so on the day of your tan, well honey its gonna BURN…

EXFOLIATION – and this is probably the most important step. Why? well exfoliating your skin the day before of your tan will ensure that you remove all the dead and dry skin cells from your body. Concentrate on your knees, elbows and ankles. Exfoliating will ensure that your tan applies flawlessly and without any patch areas, I mean who likes that anyway?

I love the Caribbean Tan Cinnamon and Coconut exfoliator firstly because it smells like pancakes, secondly because it contain jojoba oil so it nourishes as you exfoliate and thirdly because it is only R49.95 for a 200ml tub. Winner.

Self Tan Praparation

The final step to prepare tour skin for the self tannin process is moisturize, it is extremely important to ensure you skin I silky soft before applying your tan so that your tan can apply evenly without being patchy. The Milk and Honey butter from Caribbean Tan smells gorgeous and it sinks and absorbs so beautifully into the skin. The 200ml tub is priced at R59.95 and better yet it is also a tan extender.

Are you planning on using self-tanner in the colder months?


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