Benefit Skincare Range

Benefit Skin Care Range

I have been meaning to write this post on the Benefit Skincare range for a while now and I am so delighted to finally share the specs on this wonderful skincare range. This would also be my first skincare post mainly because I really want to thoroughly test something before sharing the deets with you guys.

Now as we all know, Benefit produces some pretty darn amazing makeup products and without a doubt will you find thousands of great product reviews on the internet, but one thing I have noticed is that very few blog about there skincare range and for the life of me I cannot express how good this range is. Everybody NEEDS it. I have combination skin – meaning that I am oily in some places and dry in the others and this range has basically managed to balance the oiliness or dryness. So big thumbs up. Before we go into detail on each of these products let me also dive in about the smell of ALL of these products in the range, it is just amazing. It’s fresh and clean, like a summer ocean breezy aroma with not hints of chemicals. The packaging is also just phenomenal and like the scent has this breezy ocean vibe to it.

Benefit Skincare Range

Now lets start with the first steps in skincare, cleansing. The foaming facial cleaner lathers up really nice, and a little does go a long way, the first time I used it a applied way to much and you only need a teensy bit to get optimal results. It removed all the makeup and dirt from my skin and it did not leave me with any tightness afterwards.

The Facial Polish is just as great, although I prefer a micro-dermobration exfoliator, this exfoliator did just what it is supposed to. All dead skin cells were removed and it left my with a more brightened complexion. My pores also seemed to be less visible which is an added bonus. The Face Polish also contains natural clay and seaweed extract rich in minerals, which is known to purify the skin.

Benefit Skincare Range

The Moisture prep toning lotion has to be my least favourite product in the range, not because it is a bad product but simply because I found that it left my skin sticky, but after applying moisturizer the stickiness disappeared. I felt that this toner has a nice soothing effect, especially when your out and about an entire day. The toner also removed excess dirt, so I appreciated that.

Facial Emulsion

The Triple Preforming facial emulsion received a mention in my January favourites and this is such a nice product during the warmer months as it is very lightweight and oil-free. It also contains an SPF15 which is nice. When using the entire range as a whole I like to use this emulsion as a day cream and the It’s Potent Eye Cream and Total Moisture Face Cream in the night time. The emulsion left my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Face cream and Eye scream

The Total Moisture Facial Cream has to be one of my Holy Grails when it comes to moisturizing, it is a thick consistency which sinks into the skin flawlessly leaving your skin super soft and smooth. My skin felt quenched only after the first application and the hydration is long-lasting. It contains mango butter which ensures for moisture and as said above that I use this moisturizer in the night as it can leave your skin a little shiny lookin.

The It’s Potent Eye Cream is my most loved product in this entire range. I have never actually bothered using Eyecream before but I had an epiphany and immediately started using this one. My under eye area was more bright after only a few applications. It contains a peptide complex known to help restore elasticity & firmness, which is great to prevent those fine lines and crows feet that may or may not appear in the future.

Overall Benefit’s skincare range did not disappoint and it was very satisfying, it is formulated in such a way to be suitable for all skin types which is great because everyone get a chance to test the goodness it has to offer.

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