Why I would ONLY hire UNISA Law Graduates

Hire Only UNISA

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Following the success of my previous post on “how to survive law school in South Africa” which you can read over HERE, I received quiet a few comments which left me hot-blooded and raged. Yes you read the title correctly. As law students I am pretty sure that you all, well most of you can relate to the thought of having your own law firm, I mean isn’t that eventually the goal for all off us? To have our surname’s boldly printed on a board hanging outside of an officepark.

So apparently the “TOP” Law firms in South Africa don’t tend to hire UNISA and for the life of me I cannot understand why? We have way more to offer then snobby contact university students now don’t we. Yes I am sorry for calling you snobby but really you are. You have no idea what it takes to be a UNISA student and then you still bitch and moan and fail with all off you recourses in the comfort of your paid dorm, drinking out your allowance (please note allowance – not salary) at Impala – the late Hatfield or Bourbons. Please understand, I still have it comfortably in comparison with my fellow UNISA jurist but I could have had it a lot easier if I wanted to, but I chose to start working and to study through UNISA for my personal reasons regarding gaining experience and so forth.

So in the future, which I will work extremely hard for in order to have my own Law Firm I promise myself that I will only hire UNISA graduates and here is why:

Endurance: UNISA students obtain endurance and no matter how hard things get we still manage to push through because we don’t have any other option. Now if I hire somebody this is definitely the characteristics I will be looking for, because when the going gets tough I know that I will be able to count on them.

Initiative: I can assure you with full confidence that UNISA student can think for themselves because I promise you they don’t get spoon fed about anything. I know that contact university students don’t get spoon fed everything but yes they do get spoon fed a lot. UNISA Students? Damn dude we don’t have that kind of luxury, just getting a lecturer to respond to a one sentence email is a hassle so we are just better off in thinking to ourselves and well solving problems by oneself. Now having a employee or candidate that thinks for themselves and solves problems for themselves CHING-CHING because when you are a lawyer you wont have time to attend to there theories.

Organization Skills: I would want someone at my firm that can organize a shit load – I mean have you seen those court case? Well that is nothing that UNISA graduates cant handle, we balance full-time work, finances, family and studies, not to mention planning an entire semester in one day. We got this Shit.

Commitment: We can offer you all the commitment you need? How else do you think we pull this off?


These are only a few reasons why I would only hire UNISA law graduates, and it make me furious to think that we are being discriminated against to being distant learners when in actual fact we have so much more to bring to the table. It rattles my mind and breaks my heart that we fight so much with inner demons and battles just to obtain a degree with a university barely supporting us and yet we are the ones discriminated against – well I call that bullshit.

What is your opinion? If you like the post please share it with your fellow UNISA friends. 🙂


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