Sampar: So Much To Dew Midnight Mask


Not to long ago I stumbled upon a French brand, and if you know me anything that’s French and Skincare can steal my heart like NUXE (read more about them here) so obviously Sampar took the spotlight.

So who is Sampar?

Well Sampar is the Brainchild of Patrick Sounigo who in 2004 created Sampar a brand with authentic and pure compositions that was constricted around the elegance and lifestyle of real Parisian women. Now I know the word Sampar might seem a little unusual to most South African women but hunny I am here to tell you that it is time to familiarize yourself with it.


My skin felt and looked weak and definitely not the way it should at being only 20 years old – so obviously I was looking for a quick fix to hydrate this baby up and that is when I discovered Sampar. The so much to Dew Midnight Mask is well – an overnight facemask which promises to show results after the first application only and oh boy did it deliver. Not only did I notice that my fine lines were minimizes and that my skin was much more hydrated, plumped and younger looking but my mom and Le Boyfriend also noticed it. I mean WOW if other people notice it, it has to do something.


The light pink Rosy packaging also captured my heart but not only because its pink – because it comes with an applicator brush and a twist cap that says On & Off. So two plus points for that because number 1. The applicator ensures that you get an even amount of product all over your face without things getting messy (as facemasks tend to get a lot messy) and don’t worry about hygiene and bacteria, after every application just rinse the bristles with boiling water. Reason number 2. the On-Off twist cap makes this product travel/storage friendly because we all know how daunting things can get when your product messes all over especially when they come with a hefty price tag.


The fluid? Well it is a thick, milky consistency that appears clear on your face and it dries quiet quickly. It doesn’t transfer at all on your bedding which is great.

Lets get to the part that broke my heart just a little bit. The price tag. The 50ml bottle would cost you R485.00 which you can purchase at Woolworths. But lets justify that. I have been using this mask every second week for 5 months now and I still have about 50% left. so that is 10 applications so a total number off applications would be 20 divided by the price = R24.25 per application so that’s definitely not a bad price especially if the product actually does what it says and more.

Just a note: How cute is the Paris skyline on the packaging?


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