Dress the way YOU feel and Fuck the Rest


To put it nicely. I got fed up of trying to follow trends and Insta Modes. Fuck to be honest it drained me, demotivated me and it made me feel inadequate. Dressing for someone else, destroyed my self-perception and well constantly made me feel ugly and just not worthy at all.

Venturing on a new journey is said “Fuck it” and I redefined SEXY. Honestly, it was the best thing I ever did. Not only have I regained mass amounts of self-confidence but I also pulled out clothes that were gathering dust, I upcycled clothes by making strange combinations, and for once I felt sexy.


Some Days I feel a little dark and relive my punk days.

Yes. I can feel sexy in sneakers and DIY’ed ripped leggings.



Summer = Shorts. Gone are the day where I cut summers short by torturing myself in jeans and heels.  Finally it feels like I am actually experiencing summer. Usually I would opt for Jeans and heels, as it was more classy and mature, and shorts and sneakers screamed wannabe 16 year old. Well I’m fucking 21 so honey I’m owning it.


Girl….you know I can be sweet and girly. That’s the best thing about redefining what sexy means to you. it comes in various forms. I shifted away from black’s as I always thought light pastels won’t suit me. Well turns out they make me feel rather sexy.


Sometimes I feel like combining 3 personalities. NO PROBLEM. Military, Punk, Cowgirl….whatever you want to call it. It works.

ANYTHING WORKS the moment you wear it with confidence and the moment you give it life. It really comes down to one truth. When you are comfortable in your own skin, sweetie the energy you will create around yourself is pretty darn powerful.

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