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I say “Fuck” makeup brushes that rip R400 each out off your wallet and I say Cheers to the fact that finally South Africa has a variety of affordable makeup brushes. Whether these brushes are online, in-store, or from an independent importer.

If you were a makeup junkie, not to long ago, you would remember the struggle in getting a makeup brush back in 2014 was very really. Options included: The UBU sets, the 2 brushes Essence stocked, and MAC. So you were either limited to 8 brushes or blowing a shitload off money.


Fast-Forward to 2016 and oh boy has life gotten good. There are brushes everywhere. Even original Real Techniques. Not only did brands like Cala and UBU expand their range and Established cosmetic brands such as GOSH and Essence add brushes here and there. There were ladies who went even further. Yes. They imported and dealt with all the kak we did not want to. Giving us access to EXTREMELY affordable, quality makeup brushes.

Psst: Some off these ladies add a MOERSE profit, asking more than double as the girl I bought these from. I mean if she sells her 10 piece kabuki sets for around +-R230 and other ladies the EXACT same set for R400-R800 the only logical answer is they know how desperate we are so you bet your ass they will take advantage. My point is: SHOP Around or trust my word for it and buy your brushes at T’s Cosmetics

The Extremely Affordable Dupes for the Bold Metals Collection

Originally i was going to take the 10 piece kabuki brush set, but these just stole my heart. I wanted the full Rose Gold set but Tonia did not have stock. Being the impatient person I am, I settled for the mix metals. However I am now more pleased and happy that I went with them, as they act as a much better dupe.


The Price and Quality?

I received 7 makeup brushes ranging from face-eyes for only R280. Can I get a “Hala” for that bargain buy?

Besides the pink and white ombre bristles and the shiny metallic handles making an absolutely gorgeous brush, the quality is just superb.

The synthetic bristles are super soft and dense, and I experienced no shedding on either of the brushes when I washed them. The handles are plastic, however they don’t feel cheap. In fact they are rather sturdy and comfy in the hand.

Let me give you the low-down on each brush individually.

Large Powder Brush


A gold handled all round powder brush, with a big fluffy head. This brush is just amazing as it pick up and transfers product effortlessly. Anything from loose powders to compact powders. I use this brush for applying my loose translucent powder or for the day’s I don’t feel like the contouring the shit out off my face but still NEED colour. I simply swoosh it in my bronzer, mix it with my blush and then just gentle brush it on my cheeks.

Triangular Foundation Brush


This is the brush I mostly dislike in the entire set. However the quality of the other brushes, at the price I paid, makes it sort off ok. Jy kan nie jou broodjie aan altwee kante gebotter he nie. It is actually more than ok, and I am sure if I play around more with it I will find a suitable use. If I don’t and all else fails it can always be used as an applicator for those messy facemasks. What I disliked about this brush was 1. I felt it soaked up a lot of product which always suck because we all know the prices on foundation ain’t cheap. Secondly, number 1 being bad enough as it already it, the little product it did manage to keep applied patchy and moved around as I tried to blend. It was just a complete waste of product on its own.

The Setting Brush


Or as most know it as, the under eye setting brush. However I use this brush to set other individual areas of my face besides my undereye area. The bristles are extremely dense, enough to pack the translucent powder under your eyes for when you are baking, however they are also loose enough to effortlessly swipe the product away. This is also a kickass brush for adding highlight to the apples pf the cheek or for applying highlighter more accurately on the forehead.

The Contour Brush


The dense, square shape brush really assists in getting that chiseled cheek contour on point, on a super easy barely tired way. Why? Because unlike the usual domed contour brush we know, the thin rectangular shape gives you that straight contour. This prevents skew lines which cause you to look somewhat deformed. Like the above mentioned brushes, it picks up the product well and blends it out effortlessly.

Blending Brush


Where there isn’t a good quality blending brush, there isn’t a good quality makeup look. The ammont of times I have seen perfectly blended foundation, with flawless contours and wings that could kill but a unblended crease is just devastating. The rule is, blend until it hurts. This brush makes the daunting task of perfectly blended eyes a lot more bearable. It does a perfect job at applying transition shades and then later blending the crease into the transition shade. It does not move or remove the shadow, and it transfers the product really well as I have used this brush without washing it after I have used darker shades, however it did not darken or mix with the light shades.

Pointed Crease Brush


Again, another amazing brush. Dense enough to really pack the darker shades in the crease and only the crease. The density along with the rounded end ensures that the darker shades apply and stay where they are meant to. I cannot tell you they heart attack I get when a crease brush is not dense enough resulting in the shadows moving everywhere.

The Angled Eyeliner brush


I never actually apply liner with these brush as i prefer felt tip liners. I can however comment on using them on your brows or for smoking up the bottom lash line and darkening the top lash line. Personally i would think it is a little thick to apply liquid liner with, but for the abovementioned purposes it work great. Because it is thin, yet not to thin, it is perfect for adding shadow to the lower lashline without looking like a panda. It also blends darker shades in the top lash line well and acts as a perfect tool for when you want to add more precise application to the corners of the eyes. Also for quickly adding and brushing my brows, this tool has officially replaced my holy grail UBU angle brush.


That’s a Wrap

6 out of the 7 brushes being absolutely amazing and the seventh still serving a purpose this is definitely the bargain buy of the year. I am absolutely blown away. Please don’t spend R400+ on these when you can get them for less. Do your research and look around. Dont get me wrong, R400+ is still a good price for the quality, but why pay more?

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    December 8, 2016 at 11:47 am

    No more convincing needed, I need these brushes in my life!

  • Reply
    December 8, 2016 at 7:29 pm

    I also don’t like the triangle foundation brush! It soaks up all the foundation, is hard to clean and the application is streaky.

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