6 Ways To De-stress In 2017

Ways To De-stress

Better late then never guys, but Happy New Year. To be brutally honest, this year has been kak. On the very first day I was in a 5 hour attempted robbery, and let’s just say being in an unknown area, 2 police stations, and 2 corrupt security firms later, I was a wreck.

By this time I was already considering applying for my firearm license, as I made a promise to myself that I would never again rely on authorities for my safety.

Fast forward to 2 February, can you guess what? House on the Vaal, complete utter darkness, and another determined criminal. At least this one only lasted 2-3 hours, regardless the security was pretty damn useless in responding at the alarm that went of 3 times, and wasn’t much interested in our testimony of how they constantly try to get in through the burglar-proof free windows.

In the hectic month and a half, I also made the big decision of resigning. Call me dumb, but I prefer determined as I did so without having another job in place. I roll best under pressure but heaven knows that “jou moer-meter net soveel kan vat”

Blah Blah Blah….Let us just proceed to my :

Top 6 ways to De-Stress

1. Avoid Over-Sleeping

I get it, you are mentally and physically drained, however I have learned the hard way, and with regret I have wasted 4 weeks of my life sleeping, being stuck in a rut, and just straight forwardly depressed. Keeping active does tend to to just the trick in getting out of that mind shift.

2. Online Shopping

Wine, PJ’s and takeout. Girl – you know the drill. It is time to spoil yourself. Retail Therapy should actually be covered by medical aids. My Go-To online shops would be:

3. Minimum 3 Hours ME-TIME

Take atleast 1 hour 3 times a week dedicated to just YOU. Do whatever you please in this hour. I like spending this time to take a long, Merlot filled, bubble-infused bath, rounded off with some candles. That shit works, and I aim to do this once a week. The other two or more hour I would spend reading some I. Jonker, blog planning, or streaming some European Movies.

4. The Beauty of Lavender and the art to De-Stress

If you have been here a while you should know that a bunch of Lavender over long stemmed roses will always win my heart. Truly. Lavender is packed with so much more benefits then just it’s distressing agents (so going to do a blog or vlog on this) so I try and incorporate it everywhere, like:

  • Sprinkling it in my cookie jar (It’s super yummy)
  • Dried out lavender in organza pouches stored inside my pillowcase and cupboards.
  • Infused in my bath.
  • Making a smudge stick, or DIY bathsalts.

5. Get an offline Hobby

yes – break free from constantly being online. 8 years ago I started Bellydancing, and today I am an accredited teacher. That all happened when I contacted my instructor just to use her studio space for me to practice and she suggested I do my exam and start teaching. Boooooom my sanity is still in order all thank to my new, and very loved part-time job. Regardless if it paid or not, I would still do it. So get out and do a fun activity, socialize, make new friends.

6. Giving never felt so good

Give. However to so without simply making a monetary donation. Give in terms of volunteering, creating awareness, or offering a service of a skill you kick but at. The change towards giving something such as time and effort over a cheque is rewarding and almost unexplained.

Like has 2017 been okayish for you guys? If not how do you figure out ways to distress? Just share some of you secrets because I think we can all agree there will never be enough.

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