A Shitty Start, Unemployment and Chained Dogs


Liewe bliksem ek was maar ook `n rukkie weg. 2017 and the little hope it offered dissipated as quick as the first day. Yes, a 5 hour attempted robbery and another 3 hour attempted robber on the 3rd of February. So a very shitty start to say the least.

I really wanted to offer a beauty post, or even a video – but lately beautiful is the last thing I feel. You can classify this as a life update, it can be a debbie downer and for that I apologize. This is the only way you can understand a bit.


I have been unemployed since the end of March. In attempt to save a relationship that just so by the way ended, regardless of my resignation. This was one of the most important relationships in my life, if not the most important.

Regardless, I still have not found work. I am focusing to find something in a legal direction, but anything goes. Shit – not even that. Unemployment has become a reality for me and a very big eye opener to the problem our country is facing. There are so many scams, and the little work available that I applied for, well that rejection hits hard.

I don’t feel beautiful, most importantly, I don’t feel smart. I have mostly felt like a failure the entire 3 months, and it is still a battle I fight. It does not get easier, and way would it. The clock is ticking and there are only so much promo’s going on.

On the Bright Side, Chained Dogs = Free Blessings

So in Nove,ber last year I rescued a Husky, Lacey. You can read more about her rescue and adoption here. Chokie however has a different story, one I could not ignore, he saved me more than I did him.

Chokie was chained for 2 weeks (That is to my knowledge) no food or water nearby. One day I visited where my mom is renting, and he was free, for the time being.

This was my chance, to save the poor Jack Russel. My mom didn’t even protest, infact she encouraged. So there I was popping him into my boot (only for 200m’s) and we never looked back…

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