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    Spring Fashion Trends – Shopping Guide for the Minimalist

    With so many spring fashion trends going around, I took it upon myself to browse a little online just to see what the shops have to offer us this season. This season brace yourselves for bold printed, loos fitted jumpsuits and dresses, Croachet pieces, crop tops,…

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    Newly Single After 2190 Days

    What the Fuck Now? These were the four words that consumed my thoughts after my 2 year relationship with Piter ended. The man I broke my 4 year first relationship for. If you did the math while reading that instead of judging me and thinking I…

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    MAC Cosmetics: Haul 2016

    Being a Twenty’s something law student trying to figure this life thing out, it is not very often that I get to induldge and splurge in a makeup haul, never mind even a MAC Haul.…

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    Dear Smart Girl –

    I wrote the following letter, for myself and all the others alike. We never quiet seem to fit in with the rest, whatever the reason might be. The one’s who seem to intimidate all the boys, refusing to lower down to the system and norm…

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    Serums For Spring

    Spring is without a doubt my favourite season, new beginnings, sweet scents from freshly bloomed flowers, vivid sceneries reborn, my birthday, only to name a few. Let’s face it, the list of all things wonderful about spring can go on and on, however this also…