PR Enquiries

Modus Vivendi PR

Looking to team up with Modus Vivendi – then you are at the right place, so keep on reading. Modus Vivendi is a Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion blog and you can read more about the creator and the blog on our about page. I know that sounds broad so let’s get down to the specifics.

Modus Vivendi might seem new, but the girl behind the blog (read more about me here) has been going at this blogging/marketing stuff for just a little over two years, as Modus Vivendi is the rebrand of my first blog, formerly known as Barbie Beauty SA.

I have successfully teamed up with various brands in the past.

If you require statistics or brand portfolio’s please feel free to request a media kit.


In terms of Beauty, Modus Vivendi will review products that include makeup, skincare, nail-care, hair-care and all areas related. Whether you are a new and upcoming local brand or an international brand about to launch in the Southern Hemisphere. As long as it relates I will consider. Spa openings and experiences are also welcome, as well as campaigns creating awareness or promoting self-love and confidence.


Modus Vivendi is currently branching into the world of Fashion. Self-Expression is a vital component of our ethos. Anything that will relate to an OOTD (Outfit of the Day post) or Seasonal Lookbook will be considered. I will be attending various festivals in 2017 – so if it’s crazy it’s welcome.


One of the main reasons Modus Vivendi was created was due to the need to share more of ME. The Modus Vivendi Lifestyle section is very versatile, containing articles including or related to the following:

  • Mental Disorders, Self-Confidence, Overcoming and Benefitting from the obstacles life can bring.
  • How-To’s on Décor, Traveling, Festivals, Finances, Student-life, Adulting, and more.
  • DIY Projects related to décor, clothing, household essentials, ZEN, and more.
  • Minimalism and Spirituality, ZEN.
  • Weekend Wanderings – Including Restaurant, Café, and Hotel Reviews.
  • Travelling
  • Events, Workshops and Launches – Including Expo’s, Releases and Festivals.
  • Body and Fitness
  • Foodie – The usual recipes, Student friendly Tips, Kitchen Hacks, Gear, Restaurant, Food and Wine reviews.


Modus Vivendi will unfortunately not tolerate or team up with the following:

  • Any campaign that does not fit with the Ethos of the blog.
  • Products not freely available in South Africa.
  • Brands that Require Copy&Paste or who try to formulate MY opinion on behalf of me.
  • Brands or Products that don’t relate to my blog. I get that my niche is broad but NO – Nappies, Denture glue or the latest hit show on Disney Channel doesn’t  fit my blog.
  • Replica or Counterfeit Products.


Thank you for showing interest in Modus Vivendi – Should you require more information please contact me by mail: or telephonically 011 792 9242 before 1PM and 083 567 1000 after 1PM and Weekends.