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  • Newly Single
    Life Lessons, Lifestyle

    Newly Single After 2190 Days

    What the Fuck Now? These were the four words that consumed my thoughts after my 2 year relationship with Piter ended. The man I broke my 4 year first relationship for. If…

  • a-300x300
    Beauty, Lifestyle

    Back to Roaccutane

    You might remember, not to long ago I wrote a post on Accutane/Roaccutane which you can read over here and here you will find that I was more than pleased with my…

  • Barbie

    Self Tan Preparation with Caribbean Tan

    Slowly but surely the colder seasons are starting to approach the southern hemisphere and as the air gets cooler I notice how my tan from this past summer is starting to…

  • tips

    Cuticle Care 101

    I really have problems with my cuticles as I do not bite my nails but rather my cuticles and the skin around my nails.…

  • Barbie, Beauty, tips

    How to be a Barbie.

    Be a Role Model  Be nice, set a bit of time aside to volunteer for a good cause, and always have a cheerful attitude and a smile. Wear your Make Up…