Spring Time: Beauty Must Haves

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The first month of spring has nearly come to an end and besides my Spring Wishlist which you can access here I have not done any other spring related posts, so with that said I though I share with you some of my much needed beauty products for the season. Spring to me is all about colour and that extra dash of freshness so without further due lets get started.


Spring is all about fresh faced looks and what better why to achieve a fresh complexion then a BB cream. I really love the Essence My Skin tinted moisturizer. It contains UVA and UVB filters which basically block harmful UV rays, which is much needed this time of the year. I spesifically adore this one as it is very light and creamy and it does not tend to get cakey on my skin.


Next I would say is a spring essential is definitely a great bronzer and a colorful blush. I love the Catrice “Sun Glow” shimmering Bronzer and Illuminating Blush in “Kiss Me Ken”. Can we just stop and rave for the patterns on these two beauties for a second. The bronzer is medium pigmented and so is the blush, I prefer that as I would rather build it up then looking like a clown or as I have smeared my face with dirt. Both these products blend in nicely. The blush gives my cheeks that pinched pink look which is perfect for the season. I think that the Catrice blushes are discontinued but there are still quiet a few hanging around so be sure to get your hands on them.


Brightly tinted lips and subtle nudes either give you a dash of spring or a romantic budded flower look. To add a dash of colour I really love my Burberry Kisses Lipstick in crimson pink which is not a red shade nor a pink, it is just beautifully balanced, read a full review and swatches here. On the days I want to look natural but fresh I love to use the Essence XXXL Nude in “Taste the Sweets” This lipgloss suits my skintone extremely well and I find it perfect for that sweetheart springtime look.

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Hydrated lips are a must in technically any season. I love this lipbalm from Clarins as it leaves my lips smooth. It has a phenomenal peachy scent and the packaging is so gorgeous and colorful.  To round everything off a fresh spring fragrance is on point and I simply love the Armani Si EDT fragrance, it is fresh and florally, you can read more about it here.

So that’s is that for my spring must haves and remember you do not necessary need to get the brands I mentioned, just the key staple products I prefer. what are your spring must have products?



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