Eyelash Extensions 101: An Interview with Falon Harris

Eyelash Extension 101

Long. voluptuous lashes, something every woman lusts after…and who wouldn’t? But as life goes, some of us are born with it and some not so much. I wouldn’t go as far as saying  that I have the worst, shortest lashes there are but hey, I little more (well a lot more) length and volume would be nice. Now to achieve that there are three options:

  • Spend hundreds of rands finding the perfect mascara, and ending up with something that does the job a mascara should do – but not quiet what you are hoping for. Well in these economic times who has the moola for that?
  • Falsies…Well lets get one thing straight. I can think of things that are way less riskier then me, glue and tweezers close to my eyes. Besides whenever I do get them applied okayishly, I become the most paranoid person you will ever meet?
  • and the last resort. Eyelash Extensions, which seems like a good way to go, but to be quiet honest, I don’t know enough about them to get them, and that’s where this posts come in.

Falon with her Stunning Lashes

I took the liberty of interviewing Falon Harris, a lash technician so precise and proud with her work that I highly trust her input to the fullest. There is nothing this girl does not know about lashes, and what I have seen from her work I am likely to book an appointment with her – but first research needs to be done.

Ok, so I think the first question that everyone is dying to know before getting eyelash extensions is – Do they Hurt?  It’s a Completely pain free process. Most clients catch a snooze while I’m busy.

How long does the process of obtaining longer lashes take? The process takes between two and two and a half hours. I book an extra 30 minutes incase the client has a million lashes. That way I am able to Lash each and every natural Lash.

Like all things in life, nothing lasts forever, so what is the lifespan on a set of lashes? Unfortunately the lifespan on a set of lashes varies client-to-client. You are able to go anything from 2-5 weeks before your first fill.
Home Care is the most important variable in Lash extensions. If this is done properly, it will extend the wear of your lashes.

Do lash extensions damage my natural lashes? Lash Extensions do not damage the natural lash if applied with the right amount of glue. The goal is always to use as little glue as possible to bond the extension to the natural lash, this is my Number one priority.
I do however advise clients to allow their lashes a break every few months of having lash extensions.  During this time I suggest they use a serum that nourishes and strengthens the natural lashes. Unfortunately some are not prepared to go without lash extensions.

Is it ok for me to wear mascara and use eye-makeup remover? The biggest crime you could ever commit in the Lash Industry is coat your beautiful extensions with your regular mascara. It clumps the lashes and unfortunately that will be the death of your lashes, we will have to remove them and start over with a fresh set. There are however special water based Mascaras that we sell that you can use on your extensions. This comes off very easily and doesn’t damage the extensions. Eye make-up remover is a BIG NO because it is oil based. Any oil based products will interfere with the bond between the glue and the natural lash and they will fall out.
We have special cleanser that is oil free for girls who love their eye liner and eye shadows but you can just be really careful when cleansing around the eye area.

mascara not

How Lashes will clump after applying mascara


What are the different styles of lashes and what set is best suited for who? Vogue Lashes has 3 styles:
– Classic Lashes
– Light Volume
– Hollywood Volume


Classic Lashes


We usually find that first time Lash Girls go for Classic Lashes because they don’t want an overwhelming change. Classic Lashes only provide length. They are extremely unruly and end up looking rather messy at times. Classic lashes are 1 lash extension, on 1 natural lash. 

light vol

Light Volume Lashes


Light Volume is where the real fun starts. We also call this 2D/3D lashes.  Instead of 1 lash extension on 1 natural lash, I use a fan of 2/3 lash extensions and place that on 1 natural lash. Creating a fuller appearance as well as Length. 


Hollywood Volume Lashes


Hollywood Volume is the Ferrari of all Lash Extensions and my absolute favorite! Here we create a fan of 4-6 lashes and place that on 1 natural lash. This creates a full, dark and more dramatic look. Eye liner is no longer necessary with Hollywood Volume as it creates a perfectly defined line at the base of the lashes. With this look you achieve Volume and Length. All those times you went out and bought that mascara because the models lashes were WOW, yup.. Hollywood Volume Lashes!! 

What are the price ranges in getting lashes and refilling them? With regard to price, it depends on the location of the Salon and the city unfortunately. There is no set price. But always remember, you pay for the quality of the lash extension and the experience of the lash artist has. If someone is advertising Volume Lashes for R500.. Run, and run very fast!!

Classic Lashes: R400 – R650
Light Volume: R550 – R900
Hollywood Volume: R700 – R1500

Infills are difficult to say, as each Salon has their own prices and rules that come along with it. Some salons say you need to have 40% left for it to qualify as a fill, otherwise its a new set. Others have prices for a 2 week fill, 3 week fill and so on.

lash before and after

Before and After set of Light Volume Lashes


Should you keep your lashes dry or wash them? The first 24 hours after receiving Lash Extensions they should not come into contact with water. Thereafter, let them get rinsed in the shower or splash some water on them. It’s essential to keep them clean to extend the wear of them as well as avoid clumping of dirt and make up. It can get pretty gross if you never rinse them, especially if you are big with eye shadow.

Well this interview has definitely got me excited for applying lash extensions and I am most definitely considering to get them, from Falon ofcourse. Follow Falon on her social media if you want to make contact, a booking or if you just want to stay up to date with the latest in lashes.

Facebook: Vogue Lashes by Falon       Twitter: @FalzSA          Instagram: falonharris_

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    March 17, 2016 at 8:09 pm

    So interesting! I have always wanted to know the nitty gritty of eyelash extensions and this post was perfect! 🙂

    Loren |

    • Reply
      March 18, 2016 at 9:04 am

      Me too, so I knew Falon was perfect. Now I am just dying to get some lashes…

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    March 29, 2016 at 4:51 pm

    Lovely article, as a Lash tech myself I pride myself in educating our clients so that they become more aware of the rights and wrongs when deciding to experience this lovely service. There are just too many “rouge” lashers our there giving us a bad rap and keeping others away from trying it out. In this industry it so important to share, advise and keep learning so Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Kindest regards
    Simone’s Lash & Beauty Lounge, Cape Town SA

    • Reply
      March 29, 2016 at 5:05 pm

      Thanks Simone. I myself have heard a lot of horror stories about your industry abd appreciate that there are pro’s such as Falon and yourself proving those rouges wrong. I am saving up to quickly get my first set and when done I will surely do a post on maintenance and care♡

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